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“Supporting African struggles for social justice and self determination.”


** Africa Action Announces Opening for Executive Director **

Africa Action announces its opening for an Executive Director. Please share this information with your colleagues.

** Africa Action Reports on the Findings of Consultation **

In June 2015, Africa Action hosted a retreat of organizations and allies to discuss its future and direction. This Report shares the key findings of the two-day meeting.

Africa Action Welcomes New Board Members

Africa Action is pleased to announce three new board members. They bring valuable experience and a deep commitment to progressive Africa policy and social justice. (more)

 Africa Action launches “A Conversation Supporting Progressive US Africa Policy”

Historically, Africa Action and its founders have been a central voice for progressive policy on Africa. We have spoken loudly and consistently over the years with great effect.  Our goal is to join with partners and allies to determine how, together, we can organize and launch this next critical era of “progressive Africa Action”. (more)

Call for Action – Fight Ebola NOW!

Africa Action joins US-Africa Network in calling for quick and deep action to fight the spread of Ebola. You can take action now.

US-Africa Network … “We all must respond to Ebola” … September 19, 2014

“More than 2,400 people have been killed in the largest Ebola outbreak in history. It is spreading fast USAn logoand threatening the lives of thousands more, including the medical staff and community health workers who are on the front lines. The call for scaled-up international action is growing louder. The U.S. and other governments are stepping up their response, and prominent philanthropists have announced large contributions. But the virus is still outpacing the response.

The US-Africa Network, whose mission is to facilitate communication and solidarity among people and groups in the United States, on the African continent, and in the African diaspora, is calling for an urgent response from all who care about Africa and global health.

There are several ways to take action now.”

Welcome to the Africa Action Transition Website

Friends: This website updates you on Africa Action’s transition into a more effective and focused organization. We remain committed to supporting progressive Africa initiatives and policies, and look forward to continuing our efforts in new and different ways.

Africa Action Transitional Board:

Board Chair: Adotei Akwei … Members: Imani Countess, Melaura Homan-Smith, Sarah Pray, and Solome Lemma. Advisor: Marcia Thomas.

“We value your support and counsel, and will regularly update you on our new plans. The Special Message section provides background on our current status and shares our strategy for moving forward to meet our mission. Please visit our site often to stay up-to-date on our transition and to share your ideas on moving ahead.”  May 2014