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logo-transparentAugust 2015 Update 

Africa Action’s Consultancy moved to its next stage after its June 2015 “consultancy.” Learn the outcomes and “next steps” in the Executive Summary Report of the proceedings.

Friends. It is always our goal to be transparent and open. By sharing our journey, we offer a learning opportunity with hopes that each of us can be more effective. We also thank those who have provided advice and counsel along the way.

         Africa Action Transition Board.  May 2014


Statement:  Africa Action Transition Board of Directors, May 20 2014

On March 31, 2014 the Africa Action Board of Directors resigned and stepped aside for the creation of a new Transitional Board of Directors mandated to implement recommendations contained in a 2013 Africa Task Force Report.

The report was authored by four previous directors of the founding organizations:  Salih Task Forcce Rept CvrBooker, Imani Countess, Jennifer Davis, and Pearl-Alice Marsh.  You can find the Summary/Recommendations here.

Members of the Transitional Board include: Adotei Akwei, Chair; Folabi Olgabaju, Treasurer; Imani Countess; and Marcia Thomas.

In addition to implementing the report recommendations, the Africa Action Transitional Board (AATB) has expanded its mandate to include creating standard operating procedures and policies, board guidelines and implementation of a short-term consultative and collaborative strategic sectoral information gathering process.  This process is essential to ensure that whatever form and programmatic focus Africa Action adopts at the end of Transitional Board’s tenure, it is consistent with current NGO best practices and is informed by the voices of progressive constituencies in Africa and in the United States.  Our timeline for completing these activities is 12 months.

The AATB’s creation was necessitated by the 2010 financial and governance crisis that Africa Action suffered, which forced it to suspend all of its activities and release all staff including its executive director.  The crisis was the result of two related problems:  a member of staff embezzled funds, and the board and executive director failed to meet their fiduciary oversight responsibilities.

Over the last three years, the former board worked to address its financial and legal obligations in addition to seeking justice for the individual linked to the fraud. As part of these efforts the board supported the drafting of an independent report – the Africa Action Task Force Report – investigating what happened, how it happened and how to prevent it from happening again.

The  Task Force Report offered recommendations that were adopted by the board in August 2013. Unfortunately, the former board did not execute all of the recommendations before stepping down at the end of March 2014. As per the recommendation of the Task Force Report, one member from the previous board, Adotei Akwei, was recommended to stayed on to bring some continuity to rebuilding efforts.

The above-mentioned members of the Africa Action Transitional Board were recruited in April to serve for one year, to implement all of the recommendations of the Task Force report and to begin a process to determine Africa Action’s future.

The Transitional Board is committed to doing all that it can to determine the most effective future for Africa Action and to conducting our work in as transparent a manner as possible.

It is our hope that the friends of Africa Action who supported it in the past and during this very difficult period will continue to support the organization after the work of the Transitional Board is completed.

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