Looking Forward

logo-transparentAugust 2015 Update 

Africa Action’s Consultancy moved to its next stage after its June 2015 “consultancy.” Learn the outcomes and “next steps” in the Executive Summary Report of the proceedings. 


History and Background: Join  “A Conversation Supporting Progressive US Africa Policy”

Beginning in January 2015, Africa Action will launch “A Conversation Supporting Progressive US Africa Policy” across issues and communities in both the United States and in African countries. Our goal is to join with partners and allies to determine how, together, we can organize and launch this next critical era of “progressive Africa Action”.

We encourage you to be part of the conversation. Simply send an e-note to AfricaActionTransition@gmail.com with the subject Joining the Conversation. Include your name, organization and phone number(s), and we will be in touch.


Our past successes have been the result of a committed core of dedicated staff working in concert with hundreds of organizations and thousands of people throughout the U.S. and Africa acting together in common cause. It goes without question that the first place we seek information and advice regarding AATB’s future program and structure, is those communities. Over the next three months, AATB will carry out a multi-layered consultative process in which we invite your engagement. The process involves the following:

  • Individual consultations – Allies in the San Francisco Bay Area, Chicago, and the Northeast will organize a round of structured conversations with regional and local Africa advocates to collect input directly from individuals and organizations that are on the frontline of consolidating grassroots policy and advocacy relationships with their counterparts in Africa.
  • Online survey – An international online survey to collect personal input from concerned advocates that we are unable to reach individually.
  • Focus groups – In looking toward the future, a process for collecting views from young activists is critical. To ensure youth representation, focus groups for young people will be organized.
  • Strategic consultations with other Africa-focused organizations, networks and/or political trends – Many issue specific and thematic organizations and networks are working to address Africa’s issues. Their input on program, structure, gaps and needs is critical to ensuring that future work complements and builds upon existing structures.

Africa Action’s three-year hiatus, while in many ways tragic, does afford an opportunity to truly reflect and update, without the static pull of the status quo. We can use everything we have learned and new models of organization and mobilization to build a more effective organization for the future. We hope you will join us in this endeavor and look forward to your input. DonateButtonRed

 Advancing Change … Discussing Critical Issues

The progressive Africa community constantly expands the information and knowledge available for developing and influencing effective policies and programs. Africa Action shares this information to support progressive change as part of its action agenda of advancing global discussions on Africa policy.

U.S. African Leaders Summit: While the U.S. African Leaders Summit is now history, discussions on its impact will continue and shape global issues and relationships. The US African Leaders Summit Statement is presented here to provide information and insight into its perspectives and vision.

Raising critical issues at the U.S.-Africa Leaders’ Summit:  Africa Action Board Member Imani Countess presented a strong, progressive message during an interview with RadioLabour. “Any U.S. conversation discussing economic development, trade and investment in Africa couldn’t happen without … people understanding how foundational decent work, labor rights … are to overall growth and economic development,” says Countess. She is the director of the Africa Program at the Solidarity Center.

Issues Briefing Booklet: Promoting Democracy and Human Rights in Africa, Advocacy Network for Africa (ADNA), July 2014

 Issues Briefing Booklet: Peace and Human Security in Africa, Africa Advocacy Network, August 8, 2014.